The Blues

The Blues is probably the musical form most widely used today in the Jazz, Soul Music, Rock, Pop music ...
It was developed in the nineteenth century in the southern states of the USA from the abolition of slavery. Its origins date back mainly to the art of African griots, and cantiques became Negro Spirituals in contact with African slaves.
The bluesman is a farmer who tells his story, that of his people, discusses the joys and sorrows, love, often with humor.
The most common form of Blues is 12 measures.
The colors of Blues, his blue notes: the third and the seventh minor, then augmented fourth (E-flat, B flat, F sharp, in the range of C major)
In the early twentieth century, the 78s showed great bluesmen like Lightnin 'Hopkins, Sonny Terry, Blind Willie Johnson, T Bone Walker or Robert Johnson, son of farmers in South Carolina, which is the main inspiration of BB King and Jimi Hendrix.

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